Student Question of the Week: Entering Negative Numbers

Student: Question from Natalie P Course:  Fundamentals of Financial Planning Question Hello.  What is the general rule for using a negative number when entering payments? I am calculating the second problem on … [Read More...]


Secrets of the Roth IRA

It would be a mistake to consider the Roth IRA (or Designated Roth account) merely for the income tax-free qualified distributions. There’s more, much more, to the Roth and we’ll reveal a condensed thumbnail of just three … [Read More...]


Student Question of the Week: 3.8% Medicare Surtax

Student Question from Leslie G Course:  Fundamentals of Insurance Planning Question: Hi Dan.  I’m confused on how I would know whether or not to apply the 3.8% Medicare surtax in the following CFP Board released … [Read More...]

Sutdent Question of the Week

Student Question of the Week: Isn’t an IRA a Qualified Plan?

Student Question from Margie Course:  Retirement Planning Student Hi Dan! I think I’m confused on my terminology. I always thought non-qualified plans were: SERP’s, Executive Deferred Comp., 457 Plans, etc. But … [Read More...]