Why Become a CFP® Certificant?

The Financial Planning profession is expected to grow dramatically in the near term according to a recent CFP Board newsletter. The Board expects the need for personal financial advisors to shoot up by some 41% in the near … [Read More...]

Sutdent Question of the Week

Student Question of the Week: The Applicable Exclusion Amount

Student Question from Andy M Course: Estate Tax Planning Question: A correct response to a question in the textbook reads, “If an individual does not use the Unified Credit, it cannot be TRANSFERRED to others for … [Read More...]


Student Question of the Week: Buy-Sell Agreements

Student Question from Holly S Course: Income Tax Planning Question: Hi Dan. On this page, step 6 of the Stock Redemption steps seems incorrect. My understanding from a prior lesson was that the remaining owner % would … [Read More...]


Student Question of the Week: Emergency Fund

Student Question from Sophie L Course: Fundamentals of Financial Planning Question: Hi Dan. The adequate amount for an Emergency Fund is 3 months for married clients who both have substantial and reliable income. What … [Read More...]