Student Question of the Week: 529 Nonqualified Withdrawal Penalty

Student Question from Andrew S. Course: Fundamentals of Financial Planning Question Under "penalties and restrictions for nonqual WDs from 529 plans", what exactly is "this additional tax" mentioned in the third … [Read More...]


Student Question of the Week: Interest Rate Sensitive Industries

Student Question from Grace R. Course: Investment Planning Question: Hi Dan. In the fundamental equity analysis discussion regarding sectors, it states that the Utilities sector is considered interest rate sensitive. … [Read More...]


CFP® Practice Question: Differences Between Preferred Stock and Long-Term Bonds

Which of the following statements correctly describe differences between preferred stock and long-term bonds? (1)   Preferred stock is more risky for the investor than long-term bonds issued by the same … [Read More...]


Student Question of the Week: Maximum Bodily Injury Coverage

Student Question from Safiya J. Course: Insurance Planning Question Hi Dan, I hope you are doing well! I have a question about Question #8 (SHOWN BELOW) - what does the $300,000 mean in the coverage amount? I thought … [Read More...]